The Nation
December 28, 2013 1:00 am

Insurgents in Yala and Narathiwat carried out two attacks on security officials early yesterday and on Thursday night, wounding four officials in total and causing property damage.

In Yala’s Yaha district, a team of Army paramilitary rangers was blasted by a roadside bomb while on a patrol to escort teachers. One ranger sustained a serious injury to his right leg but was in a safe condition after being treated at hospital.

Police said Saudi Satapor, a suspected insurgent commander wanted over several security warrants, might have been behind this attack.

Seven other squad members escaped injury but had “ringing” ears. Crime-scene investigators said later a 5-kilogram home-made bomb was detonated, via electrical wires connected to a battery, by insurgents hiding about 100 metres away from the scene near Yaha-Baroh Road.

Insurgents launched gun attacks simultaneously on security officials in Narathiwat in three separate incidents at around 8pm on Thursday. An ambush on a ranger patrol squad wounded three men, while another group launched two M79 grenades on a police outpost and opened fire on the base with automatic weapons. The attackers at both scenes fled after security officials with backup forces returned fire.

Meanwhile, insurgents set off a roadside bomb by an armoured car carrying rangers beside a street about a kilometre away from both scenes, but no one inside was injured. The insurgents later opened fire on the vehicle, but fled when a backup force arrived and began hunting them down.

A security blockade was later carried out at three villages in tambon Tanyong Limo. Two suspects were apprehended and questioned for their suspected role in the three attacks.