A bom explosion in Pattani province   kills one policeman  and another seriously injures another  while on patrol providing security for teachers in Mayo district on Tuesday morning.

Pol Col Kong-ath Suwankham, the Mayo district police chief, said the incident occurred at about 9.45am while six policemen travelling on a pick-up truck and a motorcycle were travelling over a bridge on Yarang-Mayo road in tambon Kochan.

A home-made bomb, weighing about 15kg, was planted at one end of the bridge and was detonated remotely. The explosition hit Pol Cpl Atithep Sangthong, 32, and Pol L/Cpl Rusdi Chedolo, 27, who were riding on the motorcycle.

The two were seriously wounded.  Pol Cpl Atithep died later at Mayo Hospital.  Pol L/Cpl Rusdi was transferred to Pattani Hospital.