Agencies in Bangkok


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A soldier stands guard after one of the bomb attacks. Photo: AFP

A series of coordinated bomb attacks in restive southern Thailand hit convenience stores, petrol stations and other locations, killing three people and wounding dozens, police said.

The explosions on Saturday evening occurred in Pattani province in Thailand’s predominantly Muslim south, where an Islamic insurgency has claimed thousands of lives.

“The explosions occurred in busy areas as people were shopping ahead of curfew,” said southern region military spokesman Colonel Piamote Prom-in, referring to a night-time curfew imposed since Thursday, when the kingdom’s army chief seized power in Thailand.

“Explosions killed three and injured 55 people. Of those, five people were seriously injured.”

It was unlikely that the blasts were related to the military coup, though insurgents may have been emboldened by the development.

The Bangkok Post said at least 13 attacks erupted in Pattani province at about the same time, suggesting a coordinated offensive at “three 7-Eleven outlets, the office of the Provincial Electricity Authority, an electricity facility and a petrol station in Muang district.”

Observers say there has been an increase in violence following the suspension of peace talks between some rebel factions and Thai authorities.

Associated Press, Agence France-Presse