One of six tyre fires set in Pattani province last night. No one was injured. (Bangkok Post photo)

Militants burned car tyres at six spots in Pattani province on Tuesday night, reportedly with intentions to cause chaos, reports said.

The four fires in Yarang district and two in Muang district, occurred between 7.10pm and 8.20pm but caused no casualties.

In Yarang, the tyres were burned on roads at four spots in tambons Yarang, Khlong Mai, Prachan and Mohmawi. In Muang, a trash can was set ablaze on Highway 42 in tambon Bana and tyres burned on the same highway in tambon Talubo.

Village defence teams put out the fires at all six spots in short order, allowing traffic to return to normal.

Also in Pattani, a team of Yaring district police early on Tuesday night went to Ban Thaphong in tambon Talokapo after receiving a report that two people had been shot and wounded.

The wounded were Ma Awae and his wife Wanni.

Police learned that the two were travelling in a pickup truck to work as guards at a shrimp farm when their vehicle was fired upon by a group of men hiding on the roadside.

A pickup truck driven by Ma Awae that was attacked by insurgents in Yaring district, Pattani. The driver and his wife Wani were killed.