FOUR soldiers and two students were injured by a bomb blast in Narathiwat province yesterday.

The soldiers, part of a team providing security to teachers of Ban Bor Ngor School in Rangae district, were patrolling the area when a |hidden bomb was detonated remotely.

The explosion, which left a 6-inch-deep hole on the road, took place some 100 metres from Ban Nor Ngor Mosque.

Soon after the blast, Ban Bor Ngor School director Abdulrohman Jeh-uma decided to suspend classes as students would find it difficult to travel to school since the road would be blocked for security officials to gather evidence.

An initial investigation suggested the explosion is part of the ongoing violence in the deep South.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Pattani, gunmen opened fire on a ranger base in Yarang district on Thursday night. Fortunately, nobody was injured as people managed to take cover in time.

Witnesses said four people on two motorcycles opened fire before fleeing. The suspects were still on the run despite efforts to find out who they were.