PATTANI (Thailand):
It was to be a happy occasion but turned into a tragedy when a man was gunned down by unknown assailants during his wedding reception in Muang Pattani here today. Ahamad Daud, 27, a ranger in the Thai military, was shot from close range by four men while he was seated at the main table with his wife and mother-in-law. Muang Pattani police chief Kirati Waeyusoh said the incident happened at 5.30 local time in Kampong Pakaharang, Muang Pattani. In another shooting incident, a civilian, Muhammad Zakari Asae, 56, was shot dead at a night market in Kg Yalutong, Bachok, Narathiwat. Police said the incident happened at 6.45pm. – BERNAMA

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